Coffee County Historical Society

The Coffee County Historical Society has many resources to help with family history research. For example, we have a large set of files about individuals and families, the SURNAME FILE. These records are filed in alphabetical order by LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. Some of the research was done by CCHS volunteers, while other information was contributed by the families themselves. In addition to the SURNAME FILE, we have a collection of books researched and collected by families in Coffee County. They are in book or notebook form and are listed as FAMILY FILES. The FAMILY FILES are filed by LAST NAME of the family that the book is about and are on the bookcase just to the right of the door in the CCHS office.

If you’re looking for information about events, places, and things, we have a VERTICAL FILE as well. Looking for something about the World’s Biggest Pajama Party? We’ve got it. Rutledge Falls history? It’s there. The Courthouse? We have an entire CCHS Quarterly devoted to that in addition to what’s in the Vertical File. We also have a library of published works about Coffee County, its surrounding counties, Tennessee and surrounding states, as well as a large collection of Civil War history and a few memoirs written by soldiers who served in various conflicts.

A disclaimer: CCHS does not hold any official county documents. For title searches, tax records, etc., you need to go to the County Administrative Plaza (1329 McArthur ST; Manchester) and see the office which holds those records, for example, the Register of Deeds Office has property records. Older records from most departments are kept in the County Archives which is also in the Administrative Plaza and is open on Tuesdays. Court records are kept in the Justice Center (300 Hillsboro BLVD; Manchester) but older court records may be in the County Archives.

The Historical Society and Museum is open Tuesday – Saturday 9 – 1. We hope to see you soon!

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